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Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to take part in the European Conference “Health and education outcomes of children across Europe with congenital anomalies” to be held from April 7-9, 2022 in Poznan, Poland. The conference will be a hybrid conference, meaning that participants can choose whether to participate in person or online.

The conference welcomes healthcare professionals, academic researchers, educators, leaders in healthcare and education, students, parents and carers, and any others who work or are interested in the field of congenital anomalies.

The Conference aims to disseminate EUROlinkCAT results, discuss them in the context of related research and to agree a set of recommendations for the medical care and education of children with congenital anomalies.

The Conference covers the following topics:

  • Epidemiology
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Survival and morbidity outcomes
  • Medical care
  • Schooling and education outcomes
  • The experiences of parents and carers
  • The role of patient and parent associations

The conference will include plenary lectures and panel discussions with experts in the field. A poster session will also be an important part of the Conference.

We cordially invite students to the Student Poster Session with awards.

The official language of the Conference is English. We will provide a simultaneous translation of lectures, presentations, and discussions from English to Polish and from Polish to English.
In addition to the European EUROlinkCAT Conference, we will organise satellite conferences and workshops (in Polish), along with exhibitions related to the topic of the Conference. Parent associations will actively participate in the preparation of these events. This reflects a strong ethos of the EUROlinkCAT Project – “Connecting People” – which is to support communication and foster positive relationships between healthcare professionals, researchers and parents - to improve the medical care and education of children with congenital anomalies.

We are very pleased, that this important meeting will be held in Poznan. Poznan is the capital of Great Poland, the oldest Polish province from which Polish statehood began to form in the 10th century and the first capital of Poland. Today Poznan is a large academic centre with over 135,000 students. Poznan is famous for its rich trading traditions and its fascinating sights, original cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. You can stroll along the charming streets of the old town, visit museums, art galleries, parks, sport facilities and meet in numerous restaurants offering tasty regional and international cuisine. Poznan is very much worth knowing and visiting!

We hope to see you in Poznan!

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee:
Professor Anna Latos-Bieleńska

Registration is open! Abstract submissions is open!

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updated: 2022-01-12